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 FAQ- Before placing an order online

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 » What are the shipping options available?
 » Can I ask for different shipping company?
 » How do I know what is the shipping cost to my country?
 » Which country is the order shipped from?
 » How is the shipping cost calculation is worked?
 » How my purchase is packed for shipping?
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What are logistic companies and the shipping options available?


DHL Express- 1 to 4 working days
Speedpost (Singapore Post)
EMS Air Courier- 1 to 6 working days
Standard Air Parcel- 2 to 14 working days
Tracking and Item Number

A tracking number for all the shipments by DHL Express and EMS Air Courier, an Item Number by Standard Air Courier service, would be included in the Performa invoice. The Performa invoice will be sent to customers once the order is shipped from our warehousework.

Can I ask for different shipping company?

By default, during the process of buying online, you would have a selection of DHL Experess, EMS Courier or Standard Air Parcel.

We could arrange UPS, DNT and FedEx at your choice should your wish to pay higher shipping cost (Approximately 30% higher); You may contact sales@pchub.com  for further arrangement.

Example of the Web Page of shipping method selection.
How do I know what is the shipping cost for my purchase? 

During the process of purchasing online, Our programme would automatically calculate the shipping cost depending on your shipping country and the weight of the items purchased, then it would show you shipping options with prices for you to choose from. To Know how your shipping cost is worked out.

The shipping cost you pay is the net amount after the big discount given by the logistic companies

Which shipping method should I Choose?

If you need to receive items fast with proper tracking, DHL Express or EMS Courier is the way to go. If you would like to save on shipping and don't mind waiting for up to 12 working days, then Standard Air will be the ideal option.

Which country is the order shipped from?
All orders are shipped from Singapore. We have shipped to 131 countries.
How is the shipping cost calculation is worked?


Due to our bulk shipment to and from all over the world, we are granted a special shipping rate by the logistic companies. We have incorporate these shipping rate with our website programme.

Weight Calculation

The programme would first sum up the total net weight of all the item/s selected and then locate and plus the weight of the appropriate type of shipping package materials.

Weight Of Shipment

It is the total net weight of the item selected plus the net weight of the packaging materials and round the total up to the nearest point at 0.5 kg interval.

Packaging materials

If the weight of shipment is less than 2.5 kgs. the single wall corrugated paper box, bubble plastic bag would be used. See packaging method.

Shipping Cost calculation

The programme would match the shipping rate of the buyer residing country based on the weight of the shipment. The availabilities of shipping methods and the cost associated with them would then be display for user selection.

This is an Example of the Web page.

4th step-  Select the shipping method and payment method.

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