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Gift Lighting Lamp- Table

Customer Feedback (Last Week)

Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. Please provide feedback after you receive your order.
Great service, part was exactly the one i needed
  -  Peter Pleshkoff , 14/04/2017
Perfect delivery package, on time & without any postal service problem.
  -  Lalo Valtierra , 14/04/2017
PChub shop is sometimes only one source for notebook spare parts. We are very happy to shop right here.
  -  SMS Info Comm Oplatek , 24/03/2017
Very satisfied with part and it's working.
  -  Gilfred Bertin , 17/03/2017
Works fine, Dell Inspiron 14Z in working order again.
  -  gilles roignant , 28/02/2017

Gift Lighting Lamp- Table

UI-1060, Touch adjustable for 64 colors

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Romantic, Sensible, Magic LED light UI-1060, Touch adjustable for 64 colors
Sweet talk with lover on the bed in romantic ever changing colorful light

Light color chosing and the touch switch:

Touch on the color ring switch for the color desired.
Press the switch for 3 seconds, the light begins to change by 64 colors circulatory
Pree to off the light.

Powered by:
3 x AA battery (excluded)
or by DC 5V 200mA. Could be USB or AC adapter.
The Magic LED light has a DC input jack (Size 3.5x1.2mm)

87g 80x80mm diameter 1 x Magic LED light
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Min. Order 1 piece
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Product Information

Gift Lighting Lamp- Table
Item Condition New
Warranty 6 Month(s)
Product Name Gift Lighting Lamp- Table Romantic, Sensible, Magic LED light
Product ID UI-1060, Touch adjustable for 64 colors
Product Weight 87g
Product Size 80x80mm diameter
Package Contents: 1 x Magic LED light

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