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Tool-Handheld Magnifier

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UPH Tool Handheld Tester Puneng S, Multi-Line Scanning

UPH Tool Handheld Tester

The cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. For telephone line, it can identify some state in the line, and more convenience to install, debug, maintain telephone line. There is a Sender and a Receiver included in the cable tracker.


  •  Cable Tester for UTP STP RJ45(manual switch)
  • Automatic efficient scan for the miss wiring, disorder cable, open and short circuit
  • TEL BNC test available(Adapter needed)
  • Remotely test cable up to 1000 ft in length ( remote kit included )
  • Protective power switch for low power consumption
  • High quality protecive case provides more secure protection
  • Judge continuity of the cables or wires
  • Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point
  • Receiver the tone signal on the cables or wires (telephone line)
  • Identify the state in the working telephone line (clear ring, busy)
  • Send a single solid tone or a dual alternating tone to the object cables or wires 


  • Working current: Tester: ≤20mA  Receiver: ≤50mA
  • Signal transfe mode: Digital signal
  • Signal output level: 8Vp-p
  • Signal transfer distance: ≥3Km

  • Dimension:Transmitter: 136x62.3x30.8mm  Reveiver: 210x35.3x30.0mm
  •  Power supply: 2 x DC 9V battery (included)
From ¥6,117

WLXY Tool Handheld Tester 100-1,000V AC Test Pen, Red

WLXY Tool Handheld Tester

From ¥174

WLXY Tool Handheld Tester Grey. With Alligator Clip, Grey

WLXY Tool Handheld Tester •with alligator clip grounding cord 
•Safe and reliable to protect sensitive electronic components from ESD  
From ¥572

Gift Tool Handheld Tester 2-In-1 Tourch, AC Voltage Detector, with battery

Gift Tool Handheld Tester Detects AC voltage without actual contact
Fits in a shirt pocket for convenience
Material: ABS plactic casing

The tourch light and the Red LED light voltage indicator, convenient for operate in darkness
Quickly locates the hot, neutral and ground terminals in any receptacle

Voltage Sensitivity: 90~1000V AC

Powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (included)
Entire outer surface are non-conductive for safety to avoid high voltage shock
From ¥626

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier 0

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier
From ¥814

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier LED microscope. No.8100. Silver

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier Paper money 60 times with LED light microscope
  • Model: 8100
  • Multiples: 60X
  • Size: 62x19x23mm
  • Microscope weight: 16g
From ¥590

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier LJ-002, keychain, 1 glass, black

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier

Main Features:

  • A good tool for watchmaker to check mahcine parts, to check mini circuit, to distinguish banknote, for elders to read newpapers etc.
  • Powered by 2 lithium batteries (CR2016) for white LED light to show the object original colour.
  • The LED light has longer usage life and it can be used as a torch at night.
  • Key chain and foldable design makes it handy and portable.
  • High-powered white LED lighting, identifing antiques, jewelry, jade.
From ¥411

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier Magnifier, 36mm Dia.

UPH Tool Handheld Magnifier
From ¥445