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Please Take Note: No Free Shipping
We suspended "Free Shipping" service since 1st May 2020.
Due to "Free Shipping" is package shipped via unregistered airmail. it could not be tracked online.
The result, we get more customer complains about the delay in delivery and lost packages.


Shipping Information

Delivery Days Delivery Courier company
Handling 1-3  
Normal shipping   Airmail by post office / Priority Air
More advance countries 9-14  
Other countries 12-24  
Expedite shipping 5-9 DHL, FedEx or UPS Express


User Account

We strongly advice customer to set up a user account for ease of buying and check order statue online, printing invoice.

Order procssing What you could do in your user account You would receive email
After placing order, we email you
Check, print order  
When order is shipped out    
we update the tracking number  
we email you  
When you have a claim
Change your order to be Quotation  


Where the packages are shipped out

Package shipped out from Hong Kong / Singapore

Your package is sent via the courier 4PX, from Shenzhen or Singapore to the related International courier companies in Hong Kong. It would take 1 to 2 days.

International courier companies in Hong Kong

Once FedEx, DHL or other International courier receive your package from 4PX, its tracking web site would then update your package as collected.

Tracking Number

Once order has been shipped out, you can view / print the order, and find the tracking number in your user account. You should also get an email notification containing the tracking number.

Customs Clearing and Tax/Duty

All purchase made and paid online are FOB (Free on board)
The prices of all products and shipping fees on our website do not include any tax/duty charges that may be requested by the buyer residing country. Buyers may have to pay the tax/duty charges to the appropriate authorities before claiming their orders.

Custom Clearance

How your shipment gets cleared through customs
When a shipment is sent to your country. It must be cleared through customs
Customs clearance means calculation and payment of VAT and any other customs or excise duties
It is called customs clearance even if you do not have to pay any customs duty on the shipment.
The carrier automatically clear the shipment on your behalf.
This means that it is the carrier who calculates the fees and pays this to the customs for you.

Custom Clearance Fee

This is not a fee to your country’s customs, but a fee charged to you by the shipping agent’s service to get your package clearance from the custom.

When Do You Have To Pay?

You have to pay to the carrier before you get to receive the shipment.

  • VAT and any other customs or excise duties
  • Customs clearance fee

The carrier delivers the goods to you at the same time collect the payment from you, or you get a bill and pay afterwards. and its employees do not provide service information about tax and duty.


Return Policy

Abandoned or Rejected Packages

For any shipment(s) that are rejected or cannot be delivered due to the buyer:
Provided an incorrect shipping address.
Rejected the packages because of additional tax/duty charges by the customer's resident country customs authorities.

Cost for Returning Packages

This would incur shipping cost and tax and duty charged by the exporting country. Always this cost could be highier than the cost of package.

Package To Be Discarded

The courier would infom us for such case, then we would email to remind you.
Should you fail to contact your local courier or the courier fail to deliver your package: In this case, the package has to be destroy by your local courier at your country due to nobody pay for the package returning cost.
No Refund
You order then would be considered fulfilled and delivered, hence no order cancellation and no refund to be made.


7 days Money Back Guaranty

PcHub accepts all returned items provided it is still in its pristine original condition at the time it was delivered to the buyer. Returns of this nature must be made within seven days from the date the customer receiving the package.
The Refund
The refund amount will take into consideration the costs of shipping the item to and from PcHub. The amount for shipping will be deducted from the balance of the purchased item. PcHub will then process the refund via the original payment method.


Shipping Cost

For both ways shipping cost for shipping out and returning package, would not be refunded, except Pchub make mistake on shipping out the product defective or not as described.


Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation By A Customer

All order cancellations should be requested by emailing to before the order is shipped out.

The Order could not be canceled, once the package is shipped out, and the package reach Hong Kong in the transit to the destination

          See Return Policy

Order Cancellation by

PcHub retains the right to cancel an order by emailing notification to the customer if:
Check and tested the product to be defective.
Not sufficient quantity as ordered.
We would make full refund of these type of cancelation.

Method of Refund

All type of refunds would be made within 24 hours via the method of the payment we receive.