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Importance Note: The offer of this sale of LCD inverter is special for the experienced technician. In many cases there are more than two different manufacturers and type of LCD panels and LCD invertors installed in the same model. In order to get the right LCD inverter, it is advisable that user to open up the LCD casing and get the faulty LCD inverter to compare with the part number and photo displaying on this web page. Also please note that dim display may be the result of faulty LCD inverter, faulty backlight (fluorescent tube) or the motherboard

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YEC YNV-W06 LCD Inverter .

YEC YNV-W06 LCD Inverter
Collection: YNV-W06
From 19.64 (SGD)

Ambit T18I095.00 LCD Inverter AS023216300

Ambit T18I095.00 LCD Inverter
Collection: T18I095.00
From 21.94 (SGD)

Darfon 4H.V1892.071/A LCD Inverter .

Darfon 4H.V1892.071/A LCD Inverter
Collection: 4H.V1892.071/A
From 18.15 (SGD)

Delta DAC-08N010 LCD Inverter BF

Delta DAC-08N010 LCD Inverter
Collection: DAC-08N010
From 19.64 (SGD)

MPT N140 LCD Inverter 83-120090-1000, New

MPT N140 LCD Inverter
Collection: N140
From 12.20 (SGD)

Sumida PWB-IV16112T/C2-AG-LF LCD Inverter AS022218001

Sumida PWB-IV16112T/C2-AG-LF LCD Inverter
Collection: PWB-IV16112T/C2-AG-LF
From 25.67 (SGD)

Tamura HBL-0291 LCD Inverter E-P1-50155

Tamura HBL-0291 LCD Inverter

Collection: HBL-0291
From 16.19 (SGD)

YEC YNV-C01 LCD Inverter 6001699L-E

YEC YNV-C01 LCD Inverter

For DELL P/N: 0RM559, RM559

Collection: YNV-C01
From 16.07 (SGD)

Darfon 4H.V1772.191/A LCD Inverter .

Darfon 4H.V1772.191/A LCD Inverter
Collection: 4H.V1772.191/A
From 21.38 (SGD)