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Power IC

All the items listed in this catagory, have been checked and known, are used in laptop compauter. New items would be updated monthly.

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Maxim MAX1617AMEE Power IC .

Maxim MAX1617AMEE Power IC
From £2.84

Maxim MAX1623EAP Power IC .

Maxim MAX1623EAP Power IC
From £3.47

Maxim MAX1631AEAI Power IC .

Maxim MAX1631AEAI Power IC Multi-Output, Low-Noise Power-Supply Controllers for Notebook Computers
From £2.65

Maxim MAX1634 EAI Power IC .

Maxim MAX1634 EAI Power IC
From £3.47

Maxim MAX1636EAP Power IC .

Maxim MAX1636EAP Power IC
From £3.47

Maxim MAX1645AEEI Power IC .

Maxim MAX1645AEEI Power IC
From £3.47

Maxim MAX1645BEEI Power IC .

Maxim MAX1645BEEI Power IC Advanced Chemistry-Independent, Level 2 Battery Charger with Input Current Limiting
From £2.65

Maxim MAX1668MEE Power IC .

Maxim MAX1668MEE Power IC
From £3.47

Maxim MAX1710 EEG Power IC .

Maxim MAX1710 EEG Power IC
From £3.47