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UPH Tool Tool- By Set 1PK212, 10-in-1 Screwdriver set

UPH Tool Tool- By Set

Materials: Carbon steel with chrome plated matt finished.

  • tips at both ends of the handle for easy reaching .

  • Slotted: 4, 5, 6mm
  • Phillips:  No1, No2
  • Pozidrive: No1, No2
  • Torx: T10, T15, T20

UPH Tool Tool- By Set BK-8604, 11-in-1

UPH Tool Tool- By Set

BK-8600 Series, High Quality Screwdriver Set.

Model: BK-8604
Made of hard plastic material.

  • 8 x  screw driver (130mm)

       T3x42mm,   T4x42mm,     T5x42mm,    T6x42mm,
       -1.5x42mm, Y2.0x42mm,  +2.0x42mm,  star 1.5x42mm.

  • 2 x PCB disassembly bars
  • 1 x Shovel

UPH Tool Tool- By Set BT-8811C, Screw set, 6pcs

UPH Tool Tool- By Set

6-in-1 Precision Electronic Maintenance screw driver Set

Made of high quality precision material

1 x T4
1 x T5
1 x T6
1 x +PH00
1 x +PH000
1 x Y2.0


Best Tool Tool- By Set BST-598, Set of 6pcs

Best Tool Tool- By Set

6pcs Set Disassemble Tool for Ipad Opening


  • Complete 6 PCS tools set for opening IPad digital devices
  • Designed for iPad/ iPad 2 & new Ipad
  • 2pcs magnetic screw drivers: Specially designed to work with iPad housing, case repair works
  • 2pcs Plastics tool : Help you open the housing much easier and safe
  • 2pcs Suction cups: Help to Remove the screen without leaving scratches on your device housings

Best Tool Tool- By Set BST-931A

Best Tool Tool- By Set Electronic tools 4 in1


  • 4 in 1 portable precision screwdriver set
  • Compact, portable design, elegant look
  • Screwdriver handle is specially designed according to human factor engineering
  • Made of high quality material
  • Includes 2 drivers bits for different purpose
  • It is the perfect addition to your tool collection
  • Handle size: 113x18.5mm LxDia
  • Θ1.5, ⊕2.0, ⊕1.2,  ★0.8

Best Tool Tool- By Set BT-889B. 6-IN-1

Best Tool Tool- By Set Electronic tools 6 in1


    The 6 in 1 screwdriver set with precison craft and hard screw head is not easy to be out of shape and broken when using.


  • Handle size: 95x13mm LxDia
  • ⊕1.5, 2.0, ★1.2, T2, T5, T6

JLY Tool Tool- By Set WL2016, WL2017

JLY Tool Tool- By Set 2pcs Set Phillips, Slotted Screwdriver strong Magnetic Tip / Rotation cap
  • Rotation cap at end of driver for easy of control.
  • Handle tapered for precise control
  • Cr-Mo harden steel blade
  • Length of screwdriver: 180mm
  • Length of blade: 78mm
  • Tip type: Phillips 2.0mm, Slotted 2.0mm
  • Color: Blue+Black

UPH Tool Tool- By Set 19 pcs. set- Phillips, slotted,---

UPH Tool Tool- By Set

  • 1 pcs. containing plastic case.
  • 1 pcs handle
  • 1 pcs.bit adapter

  • 3 pcs  slotted screw driver dits
  • 3 pcs. Phillips screw driver bits
  • 3 pcs. HEX bits
  • 7 pcs wrench socket(4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7,8mm)