UPH Laptop Tester- Laptop Diagnostic Mini PCI / PCI-E,6+9 pins

Products specifications
Model Laptop
Item Condition New
Part Description Mini PCI / PCI-E Diagnostic post test card
Part Number 74264- 6 + 9 Pins
Warranty 6 Months
Info 3 20g
Info 4 51x30x10mm thick
A$ 17.26
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Collection: Laptop
Manufacturer: UPH
Model : Laptop
SKU: 74264
Part Number: 74264- 6 + 9 Pins
UPH Laptop Tester- Laptop Diagnostic

Laptop POST CODE Testing Card

  • Supports three bus interfaces: MINI PCI, Mini PCI-E and LPC.
  • Support LCD diaplay for English ( English User Guide included)

  • Run the tester and refer the number code (result of Post) to the error code table in the User Guide for the fault the code indicates.
  • Especially when the PC can't boot operating system, or blank screen, or the card and motherboard couldn't issue an audible beep.
  • It can diagnosis signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
  • The Display portion is composed with two 7-segment LEDs. The two "Dots" of the LEDs are used to indicate the notebook "RST" and "CLK" status. The left side "Dot" is for "RST", and the right side "Dot" is for "CLK".
  • When the notebook is in "Reset" status, the left side Dot" will be lighted. And when the notebook has a correct CLK output, the right side "Dot" will be lighted.

Note: Please be aware that Mini-PCI-E is supported with limitation model of notebook, and the pin orientation must follow to PIN1-3.3V, PIN2-LFRAME#, PIN3-LAD3, otherwise, it need to test with other port, such as LPC or mini-pci.

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