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CDRW55292EXT , 31174800, "Brand NEW" Iomega USB External CD-RW Drive (52x32x52)

Iomega CDRW55292EXT CD-ROM - External USB

Iomega USB External CD-RW Drive (52x32x52)
Model: CDRW55292EXT
P/N: 31174800
Power Requirement: +5V 1.5A / +12V 1.5A

*Please take note, AC Power Adapter is NOT Included.


Iomega CD-ROM - External USB
38.72 (SGD)

FRU: 00N8244, P/N: 00N8239, Teac CD-210PU Extrenal USB CD-ROM Drive with Interface Cable

IBM Thinkpad Series CD-ROM - External USB

*The USB Portable CD-ROM Drive reads CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW media. This part easily connects to a USB port found on most of today's desktops and laptops, such as the ThinkPad 240. This portable CD-ROM drive also connects to the new Multi-Port USB Hub that provides additional USB ports. The USB Portable CD-ROM Drive takes its low power requirements from the USB port. Therefore, no external power adapter is required, making this CD-ROM drive fully mobile.

*Associated USB Cable FRU P/N: 00N8245

IBM CD-ROM - External USB
25.57 (SGD)

PCGA-DVD1 , 4-657-637-01 Extrenal Mini-USB DVD-ROM Drive with Interface Cab

Sony Vaio PCG-SRX51P CD-ROM - External USB
Sony CD-ROM - External USB
28.77 (SGD)