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Electric Soldering

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UPH Tool Solder- Gas & Touch Solderpro 100, gas solder, Black

UPH Tool Solder- Gas & Touch
  • Cordless/simple/and safe operate under any conditions any where
  • ready to use 15 sec after ignition
  • tank fuel capacity for 120 minutes of operation
  • Comes with soldering tip and protective cap


  • Equivalent to a power range from 30-100Watt
  • Approximate temperature soldering tip: 250~500 C
  • Gas container capacity: 20ml
  • Operating Time: Approx. 120 min

UPH Tool Solder- Paste ZJ-18, Solder Paste, 50g

UPH Tool Solder- Paste

Advanced quality ZJ-18

  • High intensity
  • Good immersion
  • Neutral ph7+/- 0.3
  • Non-corrosive
  • Good insulation
  • Smooth welding surface
  • Non-deteriorating
  • Non-drying

UPH Tool Solder- Stand & Others MT668, IC Pick Up, 4 Headers

UPH Tool Solder- Stand & Others


  • Install a proper size IC suction header
  • Place the suction header level on IC
  • Squeeze the suction pen to let out the air within the vacuum unit, then release to produce vacuum suction force to pick up IC
  • Squeeze the vacuum unit discharging air to let the IC fall off the suction header

UPH Tool Solder- Stand & Others Soldering iron stand, Round chassis, Black

UPH Tool Solder- Stand & Others The soldering iron stand  is all made of metal.

WLXY Tool Solder / Glue & Hot air gun Glue gun. 5-in-1 tools set

WLXY Tool Solder / Glue & Hot air gun 5-in-1 tools set
  • 1 x Glue gun (Comes with  6 x Glue tube)
  • 1 x Craft knife (Comes with 5 x Craft Blades)
  • 1 x 15cm Ruler
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Spring scissors

Best Tool Solder- Paste BST-506, Solder Paste, 50g

Best Tool Solder- Paste

  • CE certificate