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Electric Soldering

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Best Tool Solder- Cleaning BT-018, 190mm, Black

Best Tool Solder- Cleaning

Anti-static, powerful suction, light weight Aluminum-plastic construction desoldering pump

Spring-loaded plunger quickly removes solder in a single action.  Tools easily disassemble for fast cleaning.

It is easy to use, simply depress the plunger, place the tip of the nozzle against the solder you wish to remove. When the solder melts, push the release button and a retracting plunger creates a strong vacuum at the tip, removing the melted solder.

A$ 4.36

Best Tool Solder- Cleaning Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner- Green

Best Tool Solder- Cleaning


  • Smokeless, odourless, non-toxic, no pollution.
  • No water necessary
  • Save energy, maintain temperature of the iron
  • Faster working cycle
  • Made of low abrasive brass shavings
  • Cleans better than conventional sponges
  • Won't damage your soldering tips
  • No messy sponges to dispose of
  • Cleaner tip has better heat transfer
A$ 11.10

Best Tool Solder- Paste 223-UV, 10g

Best Tool Solder- Paste Perfect for all soldering work on all

and any SMD 
A$ 7.66

Best Tool Solder- Paste Alloy-328, Solder Paste, 50g

Best Tool Solder- Paste

  • CE certificate
A$ 9.91

Best Tool Solder- Paste Best Rosin, 15g

Best Tool Solder- Paste
A$ 3.04

Best Tool Solder- Paste BS-10, Solder paste, 10g

Best Tool Solder- Paste
A$ 3.31