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For NOKIA 1100/2100/3310/7216/8210/8250/6600 etc USB Charging Cable With 3.5mm Barrel Tip

PCH Phone Charger- USB Cable

NOK-2 interface:

Outer diameter of 3.5mm For 
    1100、2100 、2125、2200、2250、2255、2270、2280、2300、2370、2600、2650、3100、3105、3108、3120、3200 、3220、3225、3230、3300、3315、3330、3350、3410、3510、3515、3530、3560、3610、3650、5100 、5110、5140(i)、5510、6020、6021、6030、6060、6100、6108、6110、6150、6170、6200、6210、 6220、6230(i)、6250、6260、6340、6500、6510、6600、6610(i)、6630、6650、6670、6680、6681、 6800、6820、7110、7200、7210、7250(i)、7260、7600、7610、7650、8210、8250、8800、9110、9210 、9810、N-Gage QD etc

PCH Charger- USB Cable
5.91 (SGD)

For FOMA, SoftBank USB Charging Cable

PCH USB Charger- USB Cable
PCH Charger- USB Cable
4.09 (SGD)

76205- USB A Female to Micro USB 5 Pin Male Cable USB Data Cable For NOKIA 8600

UPH USB Charger- USB Cable

  • Length: 110 mm
  • send pictures, screensavers, ring tones
  • edited and transferred Themes
  • send and receive SMS on your computer
  • edited on a computer, send MMS
  • GPRS high-speed Internet access, management on the computer, edit the phone book

 Applies to:

3600s 5310 5610 E63 5230XM 5233 5800 6210s 6500c 6500s 7210c 7610s 8600 E66 E71 E72 N78 N79 N81 N82 N85 N86 N96 N97 N97mini N900 X6 X3 Micro USB interface and other high-speed USB2.0 Nokia phones

And N85 N86 N97 N97mini N900 8600 8800A 6500C and other Micro-USB port as USB mobile phone charger

UPH Charger- USB Cable
2.21 (SGD)

For Samsung E250, D520, D800, Z230 etc USB Charging Cable

PCH Phone Charger- USB Cable SAMS-1 interface:

For Samsung
D520、D800 、D808、D828、D830、D838、D848、D528、D900、D908、E200、E208、E250、E258、E390、E398、E420 、E428、E480、E488、E490、E498、E690、E698、E780、E788、E830、E838、E840、E848、E878、E908 、E898、E890、E878、E900、E908、F300、F308、F369、F519、F589、F609、I600、P300、P308、P310 、M359、T809、U108、U308、U300、U108、U608、U708、W559、X820、X828、X830、X838、Z150、Z230 、Z370、Z400、Z510、Z518、Z548、Z560、Z630 etc
PCH Charger- USB Cable
3.65 (SGD)

68268- For Sony Ericsson BST-39 AC & USB Battery Charger. US. 100-240V

UPH Phone Charger- Battery

Mobile phone AC charger with USB output port
To charge the battery, place your battery into the charger or plug your USB charging cable into the USB port.

  • Plug Type: US
  • AC Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.15A
  • DC output: DC 4.2V 350mA
  • USB output: 5.2V 800mA
UPH Charger- Battery
13.07 (SGD)

69836- 12V/24V. Output 5V 500mA Car Charger for Nokia 8600

UPH Phone Charger- Car Car Charger for hand phone

  • Charges your phone while you  drive
  • LED charging indicator
  • Input voltage: 12~24V
  • Output: 5V 500mA
  • 1.4 meters Wire Stretch Length
UPH Charger- Car
3.98 (SGD)

69861- And For Many Hand Phones 10-in-1 USB Charging Cable for iPod / PSP

UPH Phone Charger- USB Set

  • Simple, compact and easy to use
  • Standard USB charging cable
  • Comes with 10 power plugs

Could be used for:

  • Nokia 2.0mm, Nokia 3.0mm, PSP, MOTOrola V3 / V8, LG KG90, Samsung G600 / D800, Sony K750, iPhone 3GS, NDSi, DS Lite
UPH Charger- USB Set
5.22 (SGD)

CA-101 USB Data / Charging Cable For Nokia 8600

UPH USB Charger- USB Cable

  • USB data and charge cable connecting Nokia 8600 to computers for transmitting information by USB connector
  • Complies with USB specification version 2.0/1.1
UPH Charger- USB Cable
3.65 (SGD)

69841- Samsung I900 USB Data Cable For Samsung G628

UPH USB Charger- USB Cable

  • Compatible for Samsung I900 / G608 cell phones
UPH Charger- USB Cable
2.66 (SGD)